Vogue Ink.


CONSULT MEETING We coordinate an appointment to meet in our studio, here in Toronto. At this meeting we discuss your event and the details of your event stationary. It is at this appointment that we require a deposit for any samples made. Your deposit will be credited to your order.

DESIGN Within a few days of our meeting we will create and send you a sample of what we have come up with, based on our discussion. We provide 3 samples based on our detailed conversation. If you would like additional samples we charge $50.00 per sample. If it is a small tweak we are happy to provide another sample free of charge.

SIGN OFF Once you are happy with the invitation you will sign off on it and it will be sent to print. Production usually takes 2-3 weeks.

ENVELOPES & SEND OUT: You gather your names and addresses and send them to us to print your envelopes. Once your envelopes are labelled your invitations are ready for pick-up!